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"What can cause vaginal bleeding and clotting during and after intercourse?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can cause vaginal bleeding and clotting during and after intercourse?


I had a hysterectomy more than 2 years ago.i recently had intercourse for the first time in a very long time. During sex I started bleeding and continued to bleed. Afterwards I was in the bathroom cleaning up and realized I had several blood clots come out. I continued to spot off and on for several days afterward.


This is an important issue to discuss with your doctor. There are various causes of vaginal bleeding, and these vary based on the age and risk factors of the woman in question. Normal menstruation is ruled out in your case because of your hysterectomy. Based on your report of the bleeding related to intercourse, there are a few possibilities that come to mind. A vaginal tear due to intercourse can lead to immediate bleeding which may continue afterwards. This can happen to women of all ages. As women get older, especially after menopause, they may experience atrophic vaginitis. In this condition, there is increasing dryness due to thinning of the mucosa lining the vaginal canal. This can lead to painful intercourse without adequate lubrication, and can predispose to spontaneous bleeding or bleeding as a result of mucosal trauma during intercourse. Lastly, something always to consider in a woman presenting with bleeding in the setting of intercourse is cervical cancer. If your cervix was left intact with your hysterectomy, then you are still at risk of cervical cancer; that being said, routine use of Pap smears has dramatically decreased the incidence of cervical cancer and other causes of bleeding are more likely. You should undergo evaluation by your primary care doctor or GYN doctor to make sure all of your questions are answered and to make sure that there are no dangerous causes of your bleeding. Good luck.

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