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"Skipped my sugar pills, no period, worried I'm pregnant."

ZocdocAnswersSkipped my sugar pills, no period, worried I'm pregnant.


My doctor suggested this for me because I have endometriosis, and when my periods are terrible, just to skip them. But I don't have it, and it's actually worrying me. I was supposed to get it a week ago, but I spotted VERY lightly for one day only. Then nothing.


It is very common for women to skip the placebo pills (the sugar pills) and thus skip periods. This is something that is safe to do and many women find it most convenient. In your case it makes the most sense because you have endometriosis. Of course it is concerning that you did not have a period after stopping the pills. If you used your pills very religiously without skipping any doses, then the chances of you being pregnant are very slim. Fortunately, there is a very easy solution to this problem. All you need to do is to go to a grocery store and buy a home pregnancy test. These tests are easy to use and very sensitive. If you are pregnant, this test will come back positive. Alternatively, you can present to your primary care doctor or OBGYN to have a pregnancy test. If it is negative, then there is likely nothing to worry about, but your doctor may want have you stop taking the pills to see if your periods start up normally. The other option is just to start back on you previous regimen of pills and see what happens next time. The best type of doctor to follow your endometriosis is your OBGYN. I suggest you schedule an appointment soon.

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