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"Is it normal to get multiple spots of melanoma? "

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal to get multiple spots of melanoma?


I have 2 spots to be removed in August but recently have noticed 2 more spots near one of my other spots.


First, I would like to know if the spots you had removed were just moles (areas of pigmented cells under the skin), or if they were confirmed to be melanoma by the pathologist. If the former, then having new areas of spots that you hadn't noticed before is less concerning. However if the spots that you had removed were confirmed to be melanoma, then this is very concerning and needs to be addressed right away. Melanoma can be a very serious form of cancer, and it has a tendency to spread throughout the body. Sometimes, it can spread to distant organs, but other times it spreads directly through the skin. If the spots you had were melanoma, than new spots near the area where the biopsy was performed could represent spreading melanoma. I highly recommend that you go to see your surgeon or dermatologist (or whichever doctor it is that is closely following your case) right away. They will be able to determine whether these new spots you have discovered are concerning for spreading melanoma and, if so, what needs to be done next in terms of treatment. Go see your doctor as soon as you possibly can!

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