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"Chest pains for two years - why?"

ZocdocAnswersChest pains for two years - why?


I have been having a pretty constant dull chest pain on a daily basis. I have had 2 stress tests over this time last one was 2 months ago. I have had 2 upper and lower GIs last one was many months ago. 2 years ago I had an an Echo. I have had several EKGs last one was 2 months ago. All negative. Recently the last month or so my left hand is always tingling and keeps falling asleep. My Pulse is always in the 50s which seems low for being overweight The GI showed gastritis. Sometimes very sharp pains. After I work out it feels the worst. My head sometimes feels foggy as well. I am 28 and overweight. I have high blood pressure and anxiety which I am on medication for.


You described long-standing chest pain with negative cardiac tests. It is quite reassuring that your heart is in good condition. However, it does not point to an obvious cause of your pain. It is also encouraging that you have essentially normal upper GI work up. There are a number of reasons for patients developing chest pain, and anxiety and gastritis could be the reasons or contributors to your chest pain. The first thing to do in this situation is to schedule a visit with an internist or primary care provider who can perform a physical exam and want to ask you to describe your symptoms in more details. Your doctor may ask you to better clarify what type of pain you have, its location, its quality, intensity and whether or not it radiates to other parts of your body. Your doctor may also want to know how long if you smoke or drink significant amount of alcohol beverages and whether or not you have nausea with vomiting. Your doctor may also want to know what type of procedures you have done lately or if you have gastric reflux or hiatal hernia as well as whether you depend on an antacid medication. Please see a primary care provider soon.

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