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"Microvascular ischemic brain disease?"

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Seen on MRI with contrast. i have diabetis, high cholesterol and hemmoratic stroke 10 yrs ago. What is progression and prognosis I am on a walker, still have same symptoms. Will i soon get better, what is prognosis?


Microvascular ischemic brain disease means that, on the MRI scan that you had done, the radiologist who read the scan probably saw multiple tiny areas where small amounts of brain tissue had been damaged. These small areas of brain damage are usually from tiny strokes that occur when the small blood vessels become occluded. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is commonly associated with people with chronic medical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and prior strokes. To guarantee the best possible prognosis, it is really critical to control your diabetes and other risk factors. Your primary care or internal medicine doctor can help you do this, and so having regular appointments with them for medication adjustments is the way to go. Also, since you have a history of stroke in the past, it is important to have regular followup with your neurologist, who can determine whether any medications are needed. Although it is not possible to fix the areas of the brain that have already been damaged by these tiny strokes, the goal would be to prevent accumulation of new areas of ischemia through the optimization of your medications and the control of our medical problems. Again, please talk to your doctor about your concerns!

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