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"Whiteheads on my genitals?"

ZocdocAnswersWhiteheads on my genitals?


i am sexually active i have a cluster of white painless odorless bumps no discharge. they almost look like white heads.


It is definitely worth getting these spots checked out by your primary care doctor, to make sure they are not a sexually transmitted infection or another serious problem. Make sure, when you go to see your doctor, that you describe your sexual patterns (such as how many partners you have) as del as when these spots first appeared. Also, described any symptoms you may have such as itching or discharge, as these will help your doctor narrow down the possible causes. In addition to ruling out sexually transmitted infections, there are a few other possibilities. Whiteheads are actually possible on the genitals. Usually they occur as a result of folliculitis, when one of the hairs on the genitals becomes infected at the base. Ingrown hairs can also result in a whitehead like appearance. Both of these conditions are not sexually transmitted, and they can usually be cleared up with good skin hygiene and, occasionally, antibiotics. Another possibility is something called Fordyce spots which are naturally occurring bumps under the skin of the genitals which requires no treatment whatsoever. Go see your primary care doctor as soon as you can; they can help you figure out whether this is something that needs to be treated.

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