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"How to get food out of nasal cavity?"

ZocdocAnswersHow to get food out of nasal cavity?


I was eating rice and when I was done, felt my throat hurt. I thought it was a sign of a cold. I was sneezing a few times. But then I realized I had food stuck there because when I was sitting still, I felt the food particle moving down slowly but it doesn't come out and coughing makes it gets stuck more. Help!


Sometimes small pieces of food can get lodged in the nasal passages, usually when you suddenly and unexpectedly cough or choke while eating. Sometimes, however, there is nothing stuck there at all, but rather it is just irritation of the nasal passages from the choking incident that creates the sensation of having something stuck. Assuming you are not having any trouble breathing or talking, then this is not an immediate medical emergency, and you could try sitting quietly for a little while to see if the sensation subsides. You could also try blowing your nose, as that may sometimes dislodge any stuck food particles. Of course, if you are having trouble breathing, you should call an ambulance and get immediate help in an emergency room. Also, if the sensation doesn't subside or if the food particle does not dislodge, then you will need to get help from your doctor to take a look inside your nose and throat to figure out if there is something there that needs to be removed. An ear, nose, and throat doctor is the person best qualified to do this, as they can take a look inside with a special small camera. If you have an ENT doctor, you could call them directly or, alternatively, go to an emergency room which will likely have an ENT doctor on call. Good luck!

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