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"What makes your big toe crack all the way across?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat makes your big toe crack all the way across?


its not discolored and doen't hurt. Will it still grow.


You should take this question to your primary care doctor. I'm not sure from your question exactly what you are asking, but I think that the nail on your big toe is cracked all the way across, so I will respond assuming this. The most common cause of a cracked big toe nail is trauma. This typically is a 'stubbed toe' but it can also be the result of wearing too tight shoes or other similar things. Most of the time, there is bruising under the nail, but not always. Another common cause of a cracked toe nail is a fungal infection of the nail. Typically, with a fungal infection, the nail will be thickened and distorted, which it doesn't sound like is going on in your case. Occasionally cracking nails can be a sign of a more serious medical problem but, in these cases, the cracking usually affects all of the nails, not just the big toe nail. If you want help figuring out why exactly your nail cracked, you should see your primary care doctor who should be able to tell you. If it is a fungal infection, that may need treatment, and they can help you with that. Good luck!

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