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"Does this sound like meningitis or something else?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes this sound like meningitis or something else?


Im a 19 yr old female. Ok so it started earlier around 11 or so.My head is throbbing and hurts like no tomorrow,my neck hurts and is very sore and stiff,my throat hurts and I almost cant swallow,I cant stand lighr because its hurting my eyes and my muscles in my upper back,neck,and now lower back ache.I also have been getting chills even though its very hot in my room and my head feels hot(mom told me before she left for work.)Also my stomache is a little quesy and tje back of my jaw is sore(where it connects to my skull). Could this be meningitis?


I would definitely go to see your primary care doctor right away about these symptoms. If you can't get in to see your primary care doctor at an urgent care appointment today, going to the emergency room for quicker evaluation would be very appropriate. I think you are right to worry about meningitis. Meningitis is characterized by severe headache, fever, and neck stiffness. It sounds like you have all of these symptoms, so ruling out meningitis is of utmost important. If your doctor, after an examination, agrees that this could be meningitis, then you will need a spinal tap to rule it out. There are also other things that could cause these symptoms. For example, a really bad flu or other viral infection could cause all of these same symptoms. Similarly, a strep throat infection could cause these symptoms. Finally, it could be that you are having a bad migraine! Nevertheless, you are right that the first step is to seek an evaluation by a doctor right away. Based on what your doctor finds, they will be able to help you figure out what treatment is needed, and hopefully you will be feeling better soon. Contact your doctor right now!

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