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"Pubic area itches?"


I'm 17 and my Labium Majora itches but there is nothing there. It itches whether i shave or not. I'm not on any type of medication. should i go to the doctor?


Although this doesn't sound like an immediate medical emergency, I definitely would suggest talking about this with your adolescent doctor the next time you see them. There are a few different causes of itching in the pubic area, and they can perform an examination to see if anything needs to be done. For example, yeast infections can occur inside the vagina as well as on the skin surrounding the vagina.

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Thse can cause significant itching, as well as redness of the skin. They respond very well to either topical anti fungal creams or oral anti fungal medications. Another common cause of itching is vulvitis, which can be caused by coming in contact with any number of irritating substances, such as certain laundry detergents. Vulvitis will usually respond really well to standard topical steroid creams, as prescribed by your doctor. Finally, it is important to exclude any sexually transmitted infection if you are sexually active. Your doctor can perform some simple laboratory tests to rule out the most common sexually transmitted infections. Start by calling your doctor's office and making an appointment to be seen at your earliest convenience. I hope your doctor can get this issue cleared up for you quickly!

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