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"Have had my period for 2 weeks?"

ZocdocAnswersHave had my period for 2 weeks?


I just turned 46 and my cycle has been all over the place the past 3 years . I will add I did get pregnant was I was 42 and after giving birth that's when the changes happened. I recently just competed in a fitness competition in April and during my training and diet my cycle was off as well . I have had a few periods that I missed last year ( prior to training for the competition ) and hot flashes . Ok, so this month I got my period a week early and still have it which is 2 weeks as of today . It's not really heavy and do not have to use anything for the most part but noticeable when I go to the bathroom . My question is could I be going through Peri Menopause ? I live a very healthy lifestyle weight training and eating clean . I'm just miserable :(


I strongly recommend that you go to see your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor about this issue so that they can help you figure out what might be the cause of your menstrual irregularities. It is certainly possible that you are starting to go through menopause a bit earlier than usual. Menopause brings with it irregular menstrual periods, which might include prolonged periods of light bleeding like you are experiencing. It also, obviously, brings along hot flashes. Another possibility, however, is that you are having menstrual irregularities and suppression from overtraining. In women who exercise excessively, this can be an issue, and it may be that there is a relationship between your intense training cycles and menstrual irregularities. In addition to performing a complete examination, your doctor may want to draw some blood to perform some tests looking at your thyroid function and hormone levels. These results will help them figure out exactly what is going on and what, if anything, needs to be done at this point. If they find that your symptoms are being caused by your training, then you will need to back off on your intensity in order to help relieve your symptoms.

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