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"Why do I have tiny skin colored bumps on my nose?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have tiny skin colored bumps on my nose?


When I wash my face with warm water tiny skin colored bumps appear on my nose. If I squeeze my nose white and yellowish matter comes out. Also I have tiny black dots and hairs on my nose yet i don't have blackheads or freckles.


This is a great question to raise with your dermatologist. It sounds like you are probably noticing nothing more than the skin pores on your nose. These pores contain glands which produce a large amount of oil and other lubricating substances, much more so than most other parts of the body. Sometimes, this material may "plug" the pore leading to the formation of a small bump. When squeezed, these plugs of material can usually be easily expressed, which is the yellowing or whitish material you are seeing. Sometimes, when the material sits in the pore for a while, the end of it exposed to the air may turn black, which are the tiny black dots you are seeing. This is not a major medical problem, although for some people it can be a cosmetic issue. Since the underlying problem is plugging of the pores, this can generally be treated in much the same way you would treat acne - with gentle skin cleansing, exfoliation, etc. Again, please talk bout this with your primary care doctor or your dermatologist.

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