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"what can I put on my upper lip if there are bumps and pus?"

ZocdocAnswerswhat can I put on my upper lip if there are bumps and pus?


I have a rash almost that appeared on my upper lip after using a face mask. There are tiny bumps on my upper lip and there is pus that i have to wipe off my lip every 10 seconds or so. I want to know if i can put anything on it like lotion to help make it go away or if i can take any over the counter medicine.


It sounds like you have developed a pretty significant reaction of the skin on your lip after this facial mask, with many bumps as well as a large amount of drainage. This reaction could be contact dermatitis, or an allergic reaction of the skin to something in the facial mask. It could also be an infection of the skin, because some facial mask treatments are irritating to the skin and may help bacteria to gain entry and set up an infection. Because the symptoms are relatively severe, I would strongly recommend that you have a doctor, such as your primary care doctor or your dermatologist, look at this rash as soon as possible, rather than trying to treat it on your own without a diagnosis. I say this because the treatments for the different causes, contact reaction versus infection, are different from each other and using the wrong treatment could make the issue worse. Contact dermatitis is typically treated with steroid creams to reduce redness, itching and inflammation and speed healing. Infections, on the other hand require antibiotics, either oral or topical, depending on the severity of the problem. Using a steroid cream on an infected area of the skin could make it worse, which is why you need your doctor's help.

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