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"Yeast infection after same-sex relations. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersYeast infection after same-sex relations. Why?


I'm a 39 y/o woman. When I have sex with women, I will consistently develop a yeast infection the next day. My partner(s) do not though. Why is that?


Yeast infections of the vagina are caused by the candida organism, which is a type of yeast that is normally found living in the vagina. However, in some women, it can overgrow the other normal organisms, such as bacteria, living in the vagina and lead to itching, discharge and the other symptoms of a yeast infection. There are many documented cases of yeast infections developing after sexual relations. For example, if your partner is herself colonized with candida yeast, she might be passing them to you during sex. In this case, seeking treatment for both her and yourself might resolve the problem completely. This is something you can both talk about with your respective OB GYN or primary care doctors. Alternatively, it may be that you develop yeast infections because of something that you do after having sex. For example, vaginal douching is commonly associated with developing yeast infections. If you routinely use vaginal cleansing products after sex, you might want to discontinue this practice and see if it makes a difference. Occasionally, in women with very frequent, recurrent yeast infections, it may be necessary to take anti fungal medications regularly, or at least around the time of sexual intercourse, and this is again something to ask your doctor about.

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