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"How long does it take for bones to stop adjusting after having teeth pulled for dentures?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long does it take for bones to stop adjusting after having teeth pulled for dentures?


its been about 6 weeks since i had last 7 teeth pulled for dentures. it still feels like i have bones popping up on my gums, making wearing dentures hurtful. will these go away ?


There definitely shouldn't be a sensation of "bones popping up" when you put in your dentures. After the teeth are pulled out of the sockets, there should be any residual bone there to pop up. Often there is some swelling and tenderness where the teeth are extracted and that should subside after a few weeks. If you are wearing dentures over swollen gums, that could definitely cause some discomfort. However, if you feel bone fragments popping through, then that could mean that a tooth fragment was not fully extracted when your teeth were pulled, and that would be something you would need to have looked at. I would suggest that you go to see the dentist who fitted you for the dentures. They will be able to look inside your mouth to see if there are any tooth fragments that need to be pulled. Alternatively, if they find any evidence that the dentures are just rubbing against and irritating the underlying gums, that might mean that the dentures do not fit properly and they may need to be adjusted. Regardless of what is going on, start by making a call to your dentist and setting up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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