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"Can I do a biopsy instead of a DNC?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I do a biopsy instead of a DNC?


I have a thickening of the endometrial stripe. It measures 1.2cm in thickness with a 6mm x 4mm cyst within the thickened endometrium.The doctor told me to do a DNC but it will be difficult for me to afford. Can I do a biopsy instead?


The reason that doctors typically want to do a DNC is that this will allow them to completely scrape out the thickened endometrium and also get the cyst that is embedded in the endometrium at the same time. A biopsy (or a DNC) is a fairly blind procedure, so it is hard to be exactly sure where a single biopsy is coming from when you just choose to do that. Therefore, DNC is often a better procedure for people in situations like yours. Also, depending on how your doctor does a uterine biopsy, the cost may not be that much different because they still may do it in the operating room. What I would suggest that you do is sit down with you OB GYN doctor and discuss your concerns. They know your case better than any one else, and they will be able to answer your questions. Specifically, I would ask them why they think that a DNC is the procedure to have done here and why a simple biopsy will not suffice. You can mention your concerns about cost at this time, as this is an important point which should definitely be taken into consideration.

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