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"I have hives - what should I do?"

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Hi! I have had multiple doc visits with three different doctors, the best in my city, for treatment of hives. I've been prescribed Allegra 180, Mebryl, Avil 25, Atarax 25, Rantac 150, a couple different antibiotics and even omnacortil (prednisolone) at one point, all in different combinations, at different times. For some reason, after some relief, they keep coming back in a few days/ week, over and over, and I have decided to just treat it myself because doctors are not really helping... Can someone suggest a good combination of antihistamines/ other drugs and/or changes in lifestyle that may benefit me in my condition? I know there is plenty of literature to look up but I wanted some professional advice.


Sorry to hear that you've had such persistent trouble with hives! Hives are a very common medical problem and, many times, they can be a chronic issue with no clear cause. My basic approach to hives is, first, to try to figure out whether or not there is any allergic component. You should discuss this issue with an allergy specialist, because testing for various common allergens can help to rule in or rule out potential triggers. If a trigger is identified with allergy testing, then avoiding that trigger will often clear up or at least control the hive outbreaks. If there is no allergic component, then it can be helpful to talk to your doctor about how to look for physical or environmental triggers. Among the "physical urticarias" or types of hives triggered by the environment, common triggers include heat/cold, exercise, and sunlight. If you and your doctor can identify a physical trigger, then simply avoiding this trigger should do the trick. In terms of which anti histamines to use, individual people will react differently to different anti histamines. Therefore, the best approach is to work with your doctor to try different anti histamines until you find the one that works best for you. Looking over the list of meds you have tried, there are still quite a few different anti histamines that you haven't tried. You should, of course, do this in consultation with an allergy doctor. Good luck!

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