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"Why am I still bleeding when my period was supposed to end 3 weeks ago?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I still bleeding when my period was supposed to end 3 weeks ago?


First of all, I have epilepsy. Not the kind with the lights but where if I dont get enough sleep or take a hot shower early in the morning or if I get dehydrated kind. This kind of thing has happened two months in a row. Last month I got my period and it ended like usual, but 2 days later its like my period all over again, but no painful cramps or usual period things, just bleeding. That lasted an extra week. Then like clockwork my period came and ended, With some light spotting the day after, completely normal for me. I had sex the next day and a few hours later I was bleeding again. It hasn't stopped yet and its been nearly 3 weeks. I've had sex one more time in between when it showed signs of stopping but now it hasn't. I am going to make a Dr appointment for as soon as possible, but I need to find one since I cant find one nearby. Thank you.


I think your intuition that this is something you need to see your doctor about is exactly correct. Any major change in your menstrual cycle or any new bleeding pattern should definitely be investigated to see what is going on. Any primary care doctor should be able to help you out, so I would look for one of those as soon as possible! A couple thoughts do occur to me. First, I wonder if you are using birth control pills. If so, break through bleeding (which is bleeding that occurs in the middle of the cycle) is pretty common, and it can start to happen even if you have previously been taking the pills for a while. Sometimes this requires switching to a different birth control method. Second, are you taking any seizure medications? Sometimes, certain seizure medications can produce a serious complication in which they suppress the bone marrow. When this occurs, the levels of platelets in the blood drops, and easy bleeding can result. This is a really serious problem that needs to be diagnosed and managed immediately. Next, you will need complete pelvic examination, looking for any evidence of fibroids, infections, or ulcers on the cervix, all of which could cause persistent bleeding. Find a doctor as soon as possible so that you can get this taken care of. If you can't find a doctor quickly, go to an emergency room for evaluation, at least to rule out the possibility of a problem with your platelet levels.

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