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"How long will the effects of my orbital floor fracture last?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long will the effects of my orbital floor fracture last?


Two years after a blowout fracture from an elbow to the eye, there is an indent from an unresponsive part of my nostril. At the time of the accident, my cheek, nostril, and part of my upper lip became numb. There was also a tear in the maxillary sinus. The numbness lasted for a month, but complete feeling returned afterward. Presently, when a small part of the area feels pain, the immediate surrounding area becomes agitated, itchy.


This sounds like it was a pretty serious accident, and I am glad to hear that things have mostly returned to normal. In addition to the obvious things, like damage to the eye and other vital structures in the face, a fracture of the bones of the skull can also cause nerve damage to the various small branches of nerves that supply sensation to the face. This seems to have occurred in your case, because you state that you felt numb for about a month after the surgery. The good news is that often these nerves will largely regenerate, and this also seems to have occurred in your cases, since sensation has largely returned. However, there can sometimes be some permanent residual damage to the nerves, and this might explain the strange 'itchy' and 'agitated' feeling you sometimes have. It is also possible that this sensation is unrelated to your injury and might be caused by something else, such as a sinus problem or nasal allergies. Therefore, I recommend that you see a doctor about this, either your primary care doctor or the surgeon who initially followed your case. They should be able to help you figure out whether this is something that needs more workup or treatment.

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