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"Why does my foot hurt after my injury from a year ago?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my foot hurt after my injury from a year ago?


so i injured my foot in volleyball last year, i tore the ligaments and bruised the bone pretty bad, i wore the walker for about 3 months and then wore sneakers and then i started to get pain again , so my doctor told me to wear the cast again, i wore it for 5 more months, all together 8, then i was fine, i wore sneakers , and then a couple months later i had pain so she gave me a cortisone shot, the pain went away from that for a long time. And now im feeling pain . It throbbs and aches a lot, and i cant stand on it for a long time.


From the description of your injury, recovery, and now recurrent pain, it sounds like the best thing for you to do is to see the orthopedic surgeon who treated your original injury. You could also see your primary care physician for assistance finding a new orthopedic specialist. There are many possible reasons for why your foot would be hurting now, and a thorough evaluation and history by an orthopedic specialist is the first step towards figuring out why. In addition, it is quite possible that your doctor may want to do some more specialized imaging of your foot and ankle. However, in order to decide if that would be helpful, he or she will need to take a look at your ankle. As you are discovering, once ligaments (the connective tissue that connects two bones) or tendons (the connective tissue that connects bone to muscle) are injured, it is very easy for the old injury to 'flare.' Even minor activity, something you may not even remember, could have 'tweaked' the ligament you injured a year ago. It is also possible that you have a new injury in another part of your foot. The throbbing and aching feeling with difficulty weight-bearing you describe can sometimes be consistent with stress fractures. Hopefully your doctor can help you get to the bottom of why your foot is still bothering you!

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