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"Random BM problems and strong nausea?"


I've had frequent diarrhea and random waves of nausea for forever, at least since high school, age 16/17, I'm now 23, female, and feel like it's becoming more frequent. For the last week i've felt constipated, bloated, yet I pass tiny movements that are diarrhea like. I also get powerful waves of nausea at completely random inconsistent moments. I've been to the doctor several times to no avail. Help! I don't know how to feel better and Pepto-Bismal isn't helping. :(


It sounds like your symptoms are making you miserable! Given the length of your symptoms and the disruption to your life, you definitely need to see a physician for a thorough evaluation. You mention that you have been to see a physician several times, but if you feel that this is not helping, you may need to see another physician for a second opinion. You describe several symptoms, and it will be important for your physician to take a thorough history so that he or she gets the full picture of how long this has been bothering you as well as whether or not any family members suffer from similar complaints.

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A physical examination may also suggest additional explanations for your symptoms. Depending upon the results of a thorough history and physical, your doctor may recommend further testing. There are many different diagnoses that could help explain some of your symptoms. Irritable bowel disease (Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis) can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain. Irritable bowel syndrome can also cause some of the symptoms you describe. In young women, it is also possible that your symptoms may be related to your menstrual cycle or possibly to a diagnosis like endometriosis. Good luck, and please talk to your doctor soon.

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