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"Why do I keep randomly forgetting things?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I keep randomly forgetting things?


Sometimes asking a question several times. I will randomly forget things. Yesterday I asked my wife what's for Dinner 4 times while I was on my computer. I've gone to a behavioral health psychologist, neurologist, and sleep study. Sleep apnea is ruled out, since its very low sleep apnea. I've done a neuro-psych test with a book and some memory test on a computer. I've done an MRI and EEG. Doc says MRI and EEG are normal theres no tumor or seizures to suggest brain damage. During the computer memory test, I was focusing more on wiping the dust off the laptop then the actual test. He says I dont have ADHD, which I first suspected when I initially saw him. I told him, I see my memory loss as more of a defense mechanism, to prevent myself from worrying about something and dwelling on it.


It sounds like you may need to discuss the results of neuropsychiatry testing and memory testing with the physicians who ordered them. It will be helpful for you to know the exact results of those tests, so that you can put that in perspective with the results of your other testing. Overall it sounds like you have had a very thorough workup for your deficit in short-term memory. It is encouraging to know that your MRI and EEG were normal. You are correct that sleep apnea can cause memory difficulties for some people, but if you have been told that your sleep study excluded sleep apnea, then that is also an important negative test. It might also be helpful for you to go back to your primary care physician to get a big picture view of the results of your various specialist visit. In addition, it might also be helpful for you to discuss with a physician who knows you well the possibility of seeing a psychiatrist as part of your work-up. Memory difficulties can be caused by many different things, and your statement that you see your memory loss as a "defense mechanism" against worrying suggests that it might be worth discussing your memory issues with a mental health specialist. Good luck.

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