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"I'm having trouble breathing and dizzy spells. Why? "

ZocdocAnswersI'm having trouble breathing and dizzy spells. Why?


I'm always sick to my stomach and my body in constant pain. Having chest pains with shortness of breath. Especially in my back and upper neck area. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.


It sounds like your symptoms are causing you significant distress! If you are having chest pain and trouble breathing you should be evaluated by a physician right away. The best thing for you to do is contact your physician to see about an immediate urgent care visit. The emergency room is also a possibility. After you can see a physician in an urgent setting to make sure there are no signs of illness that require immediate intervention, the best thing for you to do is make an appointment with your primary care physician (or set up an appointment with a new physician if you don't have one!) to go over all of your symptoms. Your doctor will want to know about your health history and that of your family, as well as the details about your current symptoms. A physical examination will also be very important to help identify clues that can suggest an explanation for your symptoms. The symptoms you describe can be caused by many, many, many different things, and determining what is going on with *your* health will require a lot of more additional information about your background and the pattern of your symptoms. Getting medical care to work through these symptoms is the first step towards helping you feel better.

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