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"Trying for a baby - what should we do?"

ZocdocAnswersTrying for a baby - what should we do?


hi there, I'm 30 + married and trying for a baby , but I have irregular periods and I checked with my Doctor . The Doctor asked me to do some test (Pelvic Ultra sound +Blood test).. Everything came as positive result and so he wanted me to try for a baby without any medication but I’m worried because we’ve been trying for since last 5 months and I missed my periods for 2 months in a row (had a pregnancy test its NEGATIVE )..please help!!


The first thing to remember is that it is not unusual for it to take up to 12 months for a woman to become pregnant even when a couple is having regular, unprotected intercourse. Your physician will likely not want to do any further testing until 12 months have gone by (unless you are over 35, in which case he or she might consider further work-up after 6 months). For right now, the best thing for you to do is try not to worry (which, of course, is very hard!). You should also discuss the issue with your OB/GYN, as he or she can help answer your questions about whether or not you and your husband will need further testing to determine why you are not getting pregnant. If some basic history, exam, and testing does not provide answers, he or she my want to refer you to a reproductive specialist. It is also important to know that in about 35% of couples who have difficult conceiving, a male factor is the cause. It sounds like you have had some basic testing to start, but if you continue to have difficulty getting pregnant, it will be important for your husband to undergo some testing, including semen analysis. Hopefully you will be able to get pregnant on your own, but there are many many options for couples having difficulty conceiving, so hopefully you will be welcoming a child to your lives soon.

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