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"Is there any other way to treat bladder stones?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any other way to treat bladder stones?


In xrays how can you differentiate the bladdere stones or just a feces?


Typically a stone in the urinary system or bladder will be calcified. Therefore, it will show up as a bright white spot on an x-ray. Fecal material, on the other hand, is not calcified, and will therefore typically not be as bright on an x-ray. It is usually fairly easy for a radiologist to tell the difference between these two things. It sounds like you might be having trouble with stones in the urinary tract. This is an issue you should definitely talk to your doctor about, either your primary care doctor or a urologist. Sometimes stones are found in the bladder because they have just passed down from the kidney. Usually, these are small enough that they will eventually be urinated out of the body. However, sometimes large stones can collect in the bladder, or may even form there due to chronic inflammation or bladder infections. In these cases, it may sometimes be necessary to break up and retrieve the stones mechanically, a procedure that would typically be performed by a urologist. Start by making an appointment to see your doctor and discuss this issue with them. They can give you advice about whether this is an issue that needs treatment now.

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