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"I have been sick on and off for 3 weeks. What's wrong with me?"


I have been very nauseated for the past few weeks. its not bad enough to make me go to the hospital but its enough to make me want to stay home all day. it comes and goes through out the day. i don't always vomit but sometimes i make myself because i feel a little bit better afterwards. i am very tired all the time, but cant fall right to sleep. i know for a fact that i am not pregnant. i have a doctors appointment but not for another 10 days. my brain also feels fuzzy, its hard to explain that. i am 17 years old and have this happen every once in a while over the past couple years but its never lasted this long and i am getting worried. i just want to feel normal again. its ruining my relationship with my boyfriend, my friends, and even my family.


I would definitely get in to see your doctor as soon as possible. If you are not able to wait 10 days, you could try calling your primary care doctor's office once again and telling them that the issue is becoming more serious and that you need an urgent care visit. Most doctors' offices reserve several slots per day for acute issues, and should be relatively simple to get into one of those slots.

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Your doctor will be able to perform a complete examination and get to the bottom of what is going on. They will most likely want to perform a pregnancy test, since that is one of the most common causes of these types of symptoms in someone your age. If you are sexually active at all, then the possibility of pregnancy exists and needs to be ruled out, even though you think it is not a likely possibility. After this, your doctor will be able to look for other causes. There are many causes of this kind of fatigue and nausea, including various viral infections, irritation or inflammation of the stomach, constipation, as well as more serious causes. Your doctor may want to perform some basic blood tests in order to rule out some of these more serious causes.

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