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"What do they call a soft spot on the back of my head?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat do they call a soft spot on the back of my head?


Been on the back of my head since birth Im 55 years old


This is a question for your primary care doctor. The so called "soft spot" that most of us are familiar with on the head is the "fontanelle" in the new born infant, which is causes from the bones of the skull being immature and not totally fused together yet. After several months of life, however, these bones all fuse together to make the fully-formed bony skull. Sometimes this fusing process can be delayed for a while by various problems, such as a thyroid problem or a nutritional problem, but never into adulthood. Therefore, it is very unlikely that the 'soft spot' you are feeling is the result of a failure of the bones to fuse. Sometimes, in adults who have suffered from a skull fracture or other major trauma to the head, there may be a gap that remains between the bones of the skull causing a soft spot similar to that seen in infants, but this is something that you or your family would remember happening to you. Therefore, I suggest that you go to see your primary care doctor, who can examine the soft spot and help you figure out what it might be. I think the most likely possibility is that this is a small growth under the skin, such as a cyst, which might need to be biopsied or removed.

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