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"Should I have this splinter removed?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I have this splinter removed?


My daughter has a splinter in her palm and has been in there for 1year We can see it but it's in pretty deep, we tried to get it out when she first had it but ended up leaving it thinking it would come out itself, should we just leave it now or get a doctor to remove it?


Splinters can be very painful, both going in and when they need to be removed! If your daughter has had the splinter in for a year it is unlikely to cause any long-term problems. But to be safe, you should have her evaluated by her pediatrician. He or she can examine the area and determine the best way to try and remove it. Foreign objects (such as splinters) are typically most concerning at the time of the initial accident because of concerns about infection. Clearly that is not the case in this situation. However, it will be equally important to make sure that trying to remove the splinter doesn't cause significant scarring, bleeding, or any possible damage to surrounding structures. Your daughter's pediatrician should be able to assess these issues by examining the area. If there is any concern, he or she can also refer your daughter to either a plastic surgeon or a hand surgeon for further evaluation of the best way to remove the splinter. If she acquires any splinters in future, it may be best to consider having a physician examine the area at the time of injury because that is often the easiest time to remove them!

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