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"I have a recurrent chest infection - what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a recurrent chest infection - what should I do?


Had it for the past 5 weeks which is due to staph aureous. Have been breathless and wheezy ( do have asthma) been treated with flucloxacillin as per sensitivity sputum test, three days after finishing the course the test shows the bug back again. Feel very tired and unwell and lethargic, having to sleep during the day exhausted after little activity, Blood test have shown low blood calcuim and low vitamin d. Please can you suggest what is going on and what to do next it is geting me very down.


It sounds like you have been quite ill lately! Any kind of infection with staph aureus can be very serious. If you are feeling unwell and noticing a return of your initial presenting symptoms, it is very important that you notify your treating physician right away. He or she will need to re-evaluate your treatment course and physical exam to determine the next course of action. Overall, there are several reason why you could have developed this recurrent infection. First, it is possible that even though your original infection may have been with Staph aureus, you may now have developed a superinfection with another organism. When the lung tissue is effected by infection, it can be easier for secondary organisms to cause subsequent infection. In order to determine whether this is the case, your doctor may want to consider repeating a bronchoscopy to evaluate what type (or types) of bacteria, if any, are growing. Depending upon your underlying health conditions, it is also possible that you may be susceptible to fungal infections in the lung. Further evaluation, possible with bronchoscopy, or also with additional imaging such as CT will likely help your physician determine if there is evidence of another infection. If you have not been evaluated by a lung specialist, this may also be helpful. Good luck, and please discuss with a doctor soon.

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