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"Sharp pain in upper back - what is it?"

ZocdocAnswersSharp pain in upper back - what is it?


I play football for my highschool and the past week i have had a sharp pain in my upper back but its only when i am hitting and making contact. when football is over i dont have the pain and no normal movements aggravate the pain. the pain is sharp and its like im in a panic state. it hurts to take deep breaths and its hard to talk loud. i have taken pain pills and used ice and nether have worked. i had an xray and it showed up okay and tomorrow i have an MRI im just curious as to what this could be.


The most obvious concern would be to rule out that you have caused an injury to your back or spine from playing football. It sounds like your sports medicine doctor, or whoever is managing your case, is already thinking about this, as they have ordered an MRI. The MRI should show any damage to the spinal column, such as a slipped disc, strained ligament, or fracture. All of these are possibilities. Based on what the MRI shows, your doctor will be able to provide you with additional information and advice about what to do next. In the meantime, I do suggest that you discuss with your doctor also whether or not you should be playing football at all right now. Most injuries will not heal if they are not given time to rest, and the fact that you are continuing to play could be making this problem worse. However, only the doctor who knows your case best can provide a definitive answer to you on this point. Your doctor will also want to make sure this is not pain caused by a different kind of problem, such as an inflammation of the sac around the heart (pericarditis), which can also cause pain with breathing and talking.

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