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I'm 21, and since childhood I've been struggling to stay focused, I get dissociated so easily, I procrastinate, never stick to a plan, I often misplace my things, but I was never hyperactive.. However, I was among the top students in my class.. Now that I'm a medical student since five years, things are getting harder every year, I never finish studying, I skip classes, my average score is B, but I know I'm smarter than this! Is this ADD? Would a stimulant improve my case?? I'm on Citalopram for OCD, would stimulants worsen my OCD??


I strongly recommend that you discuss this issue with your psychiatrist at your earliest convenience. Attention deficit disorder in adults is a real problem, once that may be under diagnosed. There are somethings that go against ADD in your case, such as the fact that you have always done well in school, and continue to do so now. However, as you say, it may be that the symptoms are getting worse over the intervening years. It is also possible that some of your symptoms, such as troubling staying focused, are the result of another condition (such as depression) or the result of fatigue and stress from medical school. Your psychiatrist will be able to perform a formal evaluation to see if you meet the criteria for ADD in an adult. If so, there are medications that can be quite helpful at improving attention and focus. At the same time, your psychiatrist will be able to manage your medications for your OCD, to make sure that there are minimal side effects if you do have to end up starting a second medication. I suggest that you contact your psychiatrist's office and make an appointment to be seen as soon as you can!

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