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"Hit my elbow twice in the soft spot between bones. Could I have fractured it?"

ZocdocAnswersHit my elbow twice in the soft spot between bones. Could I have fractured it?


Painful to touch, hurts to move, can still bend it and no external bruising, pain shooting down my arm.


I would definitely have a doctor take a look at this. Depending on how severe you feel the pain is, you could go either to see your primary care doctor or to an emergency room. If the pain is very severe or your arm or hand feels cold or looks blue, then you should definitely go right to the emergency room, as these are signs of potentially a more serious injury that is impairing blood flow to the hand. Injuries to the elbow are quite common. By far the most common injury is some minor damage to the ulnar nerve, which occurs when you "hit your funny bone" (the ulnar nerve lies in that soft spot between the bones that you are talking about). When this occurs, there is often pain or tingling that shoots down the arm. A more serious injury would involve fracturing one of the bones in the elbow, which typically causes a lot of swelling and difficulty moving the elbow normally; however, some small fractures may be difficult to detect. Your doctor will be able to examine the elbow and figure out if you need x-rays to look for a fracture. They will also be able to advise you about what to do for the pain and swelling.

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