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"I have three black spots on my upper shoulder. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersI have three black spots on my upper shoulder. Why?


I was garnding yesterday and i was done about 3 and a lil bit after that i seen three black dots on my upper shoulder. they are not dirt or and thing like that. i tried to wash it off and i even used alcohol. they are a lil swollen. when i was younger i had the same thing happen it turned in to like a leather pach and i riped it off there was some puss under it i got it out and i went away. they are kind of tender. can u tell me anything about this


I suggest that you see your primary care doctor or your dermatologist for help figuring out what this is, as there are a couple of different possibilities. First, it would be important to make completely certain that these spots were not there before. I say this because moles (dark pigmented spots in the skin) are very common. We can sometimes miss them if they occur on parts of the body that are hard for us to see (like the back of the shoulder, for example). Your doctor would be able to confirm if this was a mole with a quick examination. Second, if the spots are new and recently formed, then they could be a form of a skin infection. It would be important to tell your doctor if you have noticed any drainage from the spots, swelling around the, fever, or pain, as these would be other symptoms more consistent with infection. Your doctor will examine the area closely and help figure out what is going on. If these are just moles, then they may advise you just to follow them closely to make sure they do not grow or change. If this is an infection or inflammation of the skin, you may need topical or oral medications to help clear it up.

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