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"My eyes are yellow. Is this jaundice?"

ZocdocAnswersMy eyes are yellow. Is this jaundice?


I've no jaundice, reports are normal but my eyes are lightyellow color. pls give the reason for this. and also say the treatment for this. thank you


You are definitely correct that a yellow discoloration to the eyes raises the possibility of jaundice (technically, jaundice means a yellow discoloration of the skin, whereas the word for a discoloration of the eyes is 'icterus'). Jaundice occurs when bilirubin levels in the blood rise. Bilirubin is a waste chemical that is detoxified and removed from the body by the liver, so jaundice (or icterus) usually means a problem with liver function or with the bile ducts that drain the liver. Jaundice and liver dysfunction can easily be diagnosed with simple blood tests, and it sounds like you have already had these tests done - and that they were normal. This means, therefore, that the discoloration of your eyes is unlikely to be jaundice. There are, however, a few other causes of discoloration. Sometimes, the color of the eye can change from chronic irritation or exposure to sunlight. Sometimes, it can be a genetic trait that is inherited or passed down in your family. Occasionally, the coloration can be from an area of tissue that grow in from the corner of the eye, called either a pterygium or a pinguecula. The best thing to do would be to see your eye doctor at your earliest convenience to get a diagnosis and figure out whether any treatment is available.

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