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"Constant burning for 7 months?"

ZocdocAnswersConstant burning for 7 months?


Constant burning, pins and needles, nerve like sensations in head, brain fog, occassional weakness in extremities, feeling tense, heavy headed dizzy at time, uncontrolled worrying, irritable, easily startled, anxious had hyperthyroidism, last TSH 1.47..CT BRAIN NORMAL.Started prior to hypethyroidism


I strongly suggest that you circle back with your doctor about these symptoms. It is encouraging that your most recent tests of thyroid function (TSH) are within normal limits, which makes hyper or hypothyroidism much less likely to be the cause of your symptoms. Furthermore, it is encouraging that the CT scan of your brain is normal, as that rules out many major causes, such as a large brain tumor. However, you still have some serious symptoms that need to be defined and chased down. The burning and pins and needles sensations all suggest a nerve source for your symptoms, as these are the ways that people with "neuropathy" typically describe their symptoms. "Neuropathic pain" can be caused by damage or inflammation in the peripheral nerves running throughout the body; this typically occurs in chronic medical conditions like diabetes, but can also be caused by a wide range of less common factors, including medication side effects. Neuropathic pain may also be a sign of something going on inside the brain. Although a CT scan rules out some things, it does not rule out more subtle diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, which would require an MRI scan. I would start by booking an appointment with a neurologist, if you do not already have one, as they will be best able to help you figure out what might be going on.

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