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"I have this constant feeling something is stuck in my throat. What can this be?"


I've done swallow test, endoscopy, thyroid scan, and went to ears throat and nose dr. I do have a very mild case of graves disease and this sensation started happening 4 months after I gave birth. Plus I have been a half a pack smoker for 10 years. I'm now down to a pack a week.


It sounds like you have had a pretty good initial workup. The sensation of feeling like something stuck in the throat is concerning, because it can sometimes indicate a serious problem, such as a tumor. However, these serious problems should be ruled out by the swallowing tests, endoscopy, and ENT evaluation you have had, which is excellent news.

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However, after ruling out these serious causes, many people with this problem (which is known medically globus pharyngis) are frustrated by not knowing exactly what is going on. Continuing to seek help and input from your ENT doctor or from your primary care doctor is the best way to begin to eliminate causes systematically. Most likely, your doctors will first want to focus on completely eliminating smoking. Smoking is one of the most common causes of your symptoms, and it will be difficult to proceed until a good trial of smoking cessation has been completed. Other causes that your doctors might consider would include chronic acid reflux (causing irritation in the back of your throat) as well as chronic nasal allergies or sinus drainage. Both acid reflux and sinus or allergy problems can be treated with medications, and your doctors may wish to trial some of these treatments. Please be sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible!

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