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"If I am 5'3 and 150 pounds, would I be able to get a prescription for phentermine?"

ZocdocAnswersIf I am 5'3 and 150 pounds, would I be able to get a prescription for phentermine?


Diet and exercise are not working.


The first thing to do when thinking about weight loss is to get a sense of how much weight needs to be lost. Typically, this is done using something called the body mass index. People who have a body mass index of greater than 25 are overweight, and those who have a body mass index of greater than 30 are considered obese. Using the numbers you provided in your question, I calculate your body mass index at 26.6. This number is on the lower end of the overweight spectrum, which means that, although you do need to lose some weight, you are not very overweight. As such, it is probably only necessary to intensify your diet and exercise plan. You may need to enlist the help of a professional, such as your primary care doctor or a nutritionist, to help better define your weight loss goal and help you come up with a better diet and exercise plan. Most of the time, in people who are in your situation, weight loss medications are not needed or helpful, since they serve only as a modest adjunct to a good exercise and diet plan. However, be sure to talk to your primary care doctor as they can provide you with more specific advice on this issue.

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