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"Are these just food allergies or something else?"

ZocdocAnswersAre these just food allergies or something else?


Bananas make my throat, mouth, and lips extremely itchy and just a minute or so after eating one my stomach feels really tight and my chest hurts. No real breathing problems though. Maybe a tiny, smallest amount of wheezing because of the throat itch. Any food with cloves or clovers makes me break out in hives that last for weeks and leaves terrible scars. And cooked ramen makes me throw up. I can eat it raw without any problem, but if it's cooked I get really sick. So are each of these just individual allergies, do they have something in common, or do I just have a weak stomach?


It is possible that these reactions represent allergies, especially in the case of the symptoms you have when eating bananas, which do sound to me very consistent with a food allergy. What I would do is make an appointment with an allergy specialist to discuss this issue. They will be able to provide further advice about how to treat the symptoms. In the meantime, I strongly suggest that you avoid all of the foods that cause these symptoms. Allergy symptoms may sometimes worsen over time with repeated exposure to the food item in question. Therefore, you should avoid continuing to expose yourself to these foods. Furthermore, if you experience an episode in which you develop swelling of the face or tongue, any trouble breathing, or severe abdominal pain and vomiting you should go immediately to an emergency room for evaluation, as these could be symptoms of anaphylaxis, which is a very severe and potentially life threatening allergic reaction. When you go to see the allergy doctor, they may want to perform formal allergy testing. They will also be able to discuss medications for treating hives, and they will likely want to give you an emergency medication that you can carry with you in case of a serious reaction. Good luck, and please see a doctor soon!

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