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"Why does my breast itch and hurt? "

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my breast itch and hurt?


I have also had some numbness in my belly and some sharp pains in my rib cage.


You will need to see your primary care doctor for help figuring out what is going on. I think the first thing your doctor will want to do is to see if there is any rash under or on your breast in the area that is bothering you. I say this because sometimes one can develop allergic reactions on the skin that could lead to itching and painful sensations. Similarly, a fungal or yeast infection in the area of humid skin underneath the breast is a very common problem. Finally, shingles, which occurs when the chicken pox virus reactivates in our body, can begin with pain, numbness, and tingling in one part of the body, followed by the development of a blistering rash. If on the other hand there are no skin findings, then your doctor will help you think about other potential causes of your symptoms. These could include some minor nerve compression in the chest wall, which might occur for example if you were using a tight or poorly fitting bra. Regardless, the first step is to make an appointment to be evaluated with your primary care doctor! I hope you are feeling better soon!

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