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"My eye got swollen - why is this happening?"

ZocdocAnswersMy eye got swollen - why is this happening?


iam 23 and last night i got fight w my sister. afer that i cried a little bit and then after a second i felt like my blood pressure was going up...after a second i realized that my eye got really huge it started swollen! what is the problemand what should i do?


I would go to see your primary care doctor about this for help figuring out what is going on. In the first place, since you got in a fight, it would be important to make sure this wasn't caused by a blow to the eye. The veins in the tissue that surround the eye are very delicate and they can be damaged, leading to swelling and (after a day or two) "black eye". Your doctor can see if there is any evidence of this. They can also rule out any more serious damage to the eye from a blow, such as a scratch on the surface of the eye or bleeding inside the eye. Assuming that you did not sustain any damage to the eye, then it is possible that the swelling is completely unrelated to the fight and might be caused by something else. For example, superficial infections of the eye (called conjunctivitis) are very common, and they can cause swelling, redness and discharge. Similarly, eye allergies are a common problem, and you might have been exposed to something that you are allergic to, causing the eye to swell. Start by seeing your primary care doctor as soon as you can for help. Hope you feel better soon!

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