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"What causes this sharp pain in my leg while walking?"


About 11 hours ago, I was walking down a slight hill and suddenly there was a sharp pain that started in my right hamstring and sort of spiraled its way around my leg and down to my calf where it stopped. I was unable to walk for a few minutes as my right leg was very weak and the pain was debilitating. The sharp pain remained in my calf and it still hurts, especially when I stretch my leg out when I walk or even stand. It is a sharp pain; it feels as if something is torn. What could this be? And if I should see a doctor, what doctor should I see?


You should definitely see a doctor. I would suggest starting with your primary care doctor or, if you cannot get in promptly to see your primary care doctor, you could consider going to an emergency room or an urgent care center. Given the fact that the pain was so sudden in onset while walking and began in your hamstring muscles, I suspect that this is probably a pulled hamstring, although it could also be a more serious muscular or tendon injury (which your doctor will rule out).

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Most of the time, a pulled muscle is an injury that occurs during vigorous activity, such as running or contact sports. However, sometimes, it can occur with relatively modest physical activity, especially if you happen to trip or twist the leg in any way. If this is a pulled muscle, it most likely does not need aggressive medical intervention. However, your doctor will be able to provide you with anti inflammatory medications to reduce the pain and will also be able to follow up with you to make sure things are getting better, as these injuries can often persist for some weeks. Additionally, more severe cases may benefit from physical therapy, and your doctor can prescribe this for you as well. Good luck and please see a doctor soon!

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