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"What do I become nauseous every time I eat?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat do I become nauseous every time I eat?


I am feeling Nauseated everytime I eat anything. What could this be?


You should see your primary care doctor about this issue. Any time that you experience persistent nausea, whether with food or without, it should be investigated by your doctor to rule out any serious medical problem. If this is an acute problem, occurring just for the last few days or so, then the most likely possibility is that you are suffering from a "stomach bug" such as a common viral infection. Other symptoms might include stomach pain, fever, diarrhea, or upper respiratory symptoms. Another common cause of acute nausea in women if childbearing age is pregnancy, and that should usually be ruled out. If this is more of a chronic problem, persistent for more than a week or two, then other causes need to be investigated. One of the most common causes of nausea after eating is an inflammation of the stomach lining (called gastritis) or an ulcer in the stomach or small intestine. These are often associated with smoking or alcohol intake, but they can also occur spontaneously or in the setting of an infection of the stomach with a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. Another common cause of nausea after eating is gallstones or an inflammation of the gallbladder. Your doctor can determine what additional tests or treatment are needed!

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