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"What would cause a two week Period?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat would cause a two week Period?


I have had my period for 2 weeks and I have been super nauseated everytime I eat as well. What is this?


I would definitely see your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor about this issue, so that they can perform a physical examination and make sure there is no serious medical cause for your symptoms. Nausea in a woman of child bearing age is suspicious for a pregnancy. Together with a prolonged period of light bleeding, this could signal that you are pregnant. This is because spotting or light bleeding is a common symptom in the early implantation phase of pregnancy. If the bleeding is heavier or more persistent, then this is less likely. Another very common cause of irregular or prolonged bleeding is a side effect from various forms of contraception, such as oral contraceptive pills or the Depo Provera shot, and this will need to be considered if you are using one of these methods. There are numerous other causes as well, including fibroids inside the uterus, endometriosis, and infections of the cervix or uterus. Your doctor will perform a thorough exam, including a pelvic examination. They may also want additional testing, such as a pregnancy tests, other basic blood or urine tests, or an ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries. Based on the results of these tests, they will be able to provide you with additional advice!

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