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"What does it mean when your collarbone sticks out?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean when your collarbone sticks out?


Im female, 13 yrs old and everyone has been noticing my collor bones sticking out. My right side is sticking out farther than the other. There is no pain, but it's embarrasing.


I would recommend that you mention this issue to your pediatrician or to your adolescent medicine doctor. They will be able to examine your collarbone and make sure there are no signs of a serious medical problem that might require workup or treatment. Most of the time, a difference in the appearance of the two collarbones is not a significant medical problem, as it usually just represents a minor difference in the shape of the two bones. Sometimes, one collarbone may be more prominent if it has been previously fractured. After a fracture, the area where the fracture heals is often a bit distorted or thickened. This is a normal part of the healing process and is not something to be concerned about. You would need to be more concerned about this issue if you have or if you develop any other symptoms, such as stiffness in the shoulder or pain in the shoulder joint, pain over the collarbone, or pain in any other joints of the body. In this case, there may be an underlying inflammatory condition affecting your joints that would need to be diagnosed and treated. Again, please discuss with your doctor. Good luck!

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