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"I have a ball under my skin in my inner thigh. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a ball under my skin in my inner thigh. Why?


It's small but it's been getting bigger and bigger and it scares me, it feels hard and I have no pain, I feel like it might be a cyst but I'm afraid it's gonna keep growing. I also have 2 other ones in my inner thigh but the other leg and those are tiny and I recently discovered another one on my elbow, I have no insurance so for me to go to the doctor is out of the question.


I'm very sorry that you do not have a health insurance plan at this time. I would still advise that you find a way to have a doctor look at these lumps. There are several different possibilities of what they might be. You are right that these could represent cysts, which generally are not a major medical problem. However, when they start to grow, as the one on the thigh seems to be, then they definitely need to be checked out to make sure they do not represent a cancerous growth or that they do not need to be removed. Another common skin problem that can cause lumps under the skin is a superficial skin infection, such as folliculitis or a boil. Again, if these do represent an infected area of skin, when they start to grow in size this can often mean that an abscess is forming and treatment is needed. I would suggest looking for a community health center in your community, as this type of facility should be able to help you out, at reduced cost, with or without insurance. I wish you the best of luck.

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