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"My period came on 2 days early and lasted 6 days. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersMy period came on 2 days early and lasted 6 days. Why?


It didnt have that weird smell and ive been feeling sick and weird and i took a preg test about 3 weeks ago and having pains in middle and lower stomach am i preg what should i do? plus a few weeks ago there was spotting


If you have just had a full menstrual period, then it is unlikely that you are currently pregnant. Early in pregnancy, it is possible to have some spotting, called implantation bleeding, but heavy bleeding would be incompatible with a continuing pregnancy. One possibility is that you may have been pregnant and just had a very early miscarriage. This is extremely common in the first several weeks of a pregnancy, and it can present just as an irregular period (early or late, heavier than usual, or with more severe cramping). Sometimes in an early miscarriage, the pregnancy hormones may still be detectable in the blood stream, and your primary care or OB GYN doctor could potentially perform a test to rule out this possibility. Regardless, it sounds like you do need to be examined by your doctor. In addition to considering the possibility of a recent pregnancy, they can also rule out other problems, such as an infection of the reproductive organs. In addition to a physical examination, they may want to get additional testing as well such as blood and urine tests, or an ultrasound of the reproductive organs. Please make an appointment to be seen as soon as you can!

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