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"Can a slap cause permanent tinnitus or a brain tumor?"

ZocdocAnswersCan a slap cause permanent tinnitus or a brain tumor?


About three months ago, sumone slapped me very hard and since then m having tinnitus in that ear, I consulted doctor but didnt mentioned about slap coz its quite embarassing. Can it cause a permanent tinnitus? m suffering from it and got completely irritated. please suggest me something..:(


I would definitely recommend that you go back to see your doctor and mention this to them. You could start with your primary care doctor, who can perform a basic examination of your ear and of your hearing. However, depending on what they find, they may want to refer you on to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor for further evaluation. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ear, can be a sign of damage to the inner ear. It can occur from trauma, such as a blow to the head, and it is therefore feasible that you could have sustained some damage from the slap that you received. Your doctor will be able to formally assess whether or not you have had any damage to your hearing and, if so, whether or not there is anything that needs to be or can be done about it at this time. Also I would highly recommend discussing with your primary care doctor, in confidence, the situation that led up to getting slapped in the first place. If you are at all in danger of repeated violence from people that you are close to or that you are living with, this is an issue that your doctor can help you with.

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