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"Is there a doctor that specializes in muscles?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a doctor that specializes in muscles?


I had surgery to repair a damaged disk in my neck C5,C6,C7. the disk was pinching the nerve which worked the triceps on my right side. Surgery went well pain in my neck gone but the strength in my triceps is not back after 8 weeks after surgery. What type of specialist would I need to see. My right arm is losing all the muscle mass as well as my right side of my chest.


I would suggest that you start by going back to see the neurosurgeon or back surgeon who performed the original surgery on your spine. It is absolutely imperative to make sure first of all that the surgery has healed well and that there have been no complications leading to additional loss of muscle strength. If your neurosurgeon feels that everything is well, then it might just be that you have continue weakness in your arm either because the damage to the pinched nerve was severe and permanent or because you simply have lost a lot of ground and need help with recovery through therapy. Most likely, the best strategy will be to have an intensive physical therapy regimen, which is something that your neurosurgeon (or your primary care doctor) should be able to set up for you easily. Chronic disuse of muscles (either from immobility or from poorly functioning nerves) leads to loss of muscle mass and weakness. This can often be at least partially reversed if you work intensely with a physical therapist and develop a regimen of daily exercises targeted specifically at the weakened muscle groups. Please make an appointment with your doctor today, and make sure to ask them about getting in to see a physical therapist.

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