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"Am I really allergic to everything?"

ZocdocAnswersAm I really allergic to everything?


I just had allergy testing, and I reacted to everything, even though I only have symptoms (sneezing/itchy eyes) indoors, and only in the summer and fall. Now the doctor wants to give me shots for trees and weeds in addition to indoor things such as dust and mold, but I'm not sure. Should I be treated for something I've never been bothered by?


Allergy testing is tricky this way, because it often gives results, such as yours, which are hard to interpret or which do not correlate well with symptoms. The best way to approach the result of allergy testing are to interpret them together with what you know practically about your symptoms. They are meant to help guide and refine treatment. Therefore, I would suggest that you sit down with your allergy doctor and go through the results again in detail and explain to them your concerns and questions. In particular, make sure that they understand that you do not have any outdoor allergy symptoms, which would make the utility of treatments for those allergens seem less useful. On the other hand, if you had positive testing to indoor allergens like dust and mold, then that seems to make a fair bit more sense, as treatment for those should help improve your symptoms quite a bit. I'm sure that after you explain your symptoms in a bit more detail to the allergy doctor, that together you will be able to come up with a treatment plan that makes sense to both of you. Hopefully you'll be feeling a lot better very soon!

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