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"Why do I get a small pain on my right side mid-back when i take a deep breath?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I get a small pain on my right side mid-back when i take a deep breath?


this only happens when i sit/stand straight up. it does not happen if im hunched over and it is only when i take a deep breath. its not painful per say but its something.


I would suggest that you see your primary care doctor about this, especially if the symptoms are persistent and not going away. They will be able to perform a complete examination of the area to make sure there is not anything serious going on. The most common cause of this kind of pain is a pulled or strained muscle. Often, the pain will be worse if you press over the area, and you can often think of a clear trigger that brought the pain on, such as lifting a heavy box. However, mid back pain can also come on sometimes with no clear trigger. Your doctor, in addition to performing an examination, will want to know if there are any more concerning symptoms, such as radiation of the pain down your leg, or numbness and tingling in your leg or foot, as these symptoms might be more consistent with a pinched nerve and not just a strained muscle. Another condition which can sometimes give back pain is an infection in the kidney, or a stone inside the kidney. Make sure to mention to your doctor if you have any pain with urination, fever, or if you have noticed any blood in your urine, as these would help to point in this direction.

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